Escape del Volcan :: Sony Ericsson Mobile Game

Description : You are a jet tester and have just been promoted to Magma-Series Pilot, the new high temperatures resistant ships group.As a MSP, you will have to test your boss' last invent, Mister G: The Magma Lander Ship

You will be put into different ready-to-erupt volcanos, that you will have to escape from, before finishing your fuel-tank and being wolfed down by the lava.During your feat you'll find bonus items: gold, fuel and extra lives. Every 5000 points you'll get an extra ship.Every five levels you can access a bonus level if you collect every coin. But of course, you'll just have one oppotunity in each bonus level.

Supported Mobiles : All Sony Ericsson Mobiles

Size : 80.9 KB

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