Edge 176x220 :: Sony Ericsson Mobile Game

Description : As the name suggests this well known isometric cube puzzle game will keep you firmly on EDGE. Already available on phone, EDGE begins to hit mobile phones across Europe from today.
With its punchy pixels and isometric award winning graphics and gameplay, EDGE has you guiding a cube around a maze of moving platforms and shapes. With narrow passageways, falling ledges, and blocks charging after you, you never quite feel safe.


• Motion, tilt, vibrate and touch controls
• 46 increasingly tricky levels filled with traps, pitfalls and falls into oblivion*
• Take full control of the cube and become an EDGE Master
• Unique visual 3D style, gameplay and soundtrack

Supported Mobiles : All 176x220 Sony Ericsson Mobiles

Size : 321.5 KB

Download Link :

Rar Pass : mobilezfun.com

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