Hot Cell Phone Mobile Games : California Gold Rush - Sony Ericsson

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Hot Cell Phone Mobile Games

Description : Dig and explore up to 30 mines full of unexpected twists! On the hunt for gold, artifacts and gems take care to avoid collapses, cave bats and other dangers. Greedy? Find even more gold before your energy runs out with store-bought supplies like maps, supports and explosives. Get ready for the rush and experience a unique mix of adventure and strategy – never before seen on mobile.


- Dig for gold and explore up to 30 mines full of unexpected and dangerous twists!
- Avoid dangers as you dig deep below the earth:
* Collapsing tunnels!
* Exploding gas pockets!
* Hot lava streaming into your tunnels!
* And More!

- Use some of your profits at the general store to improve your luck
- Supply yourself with gold maps, different explosives and more!
- Discover luck changing, mystery Pandora's boxes, buried artifacts and other surprises!
- Enjoy a compelling story that unravels as you play for nearly endless entertainment!

Supported Mobiles : k500 Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Mobiles.

Size : 498 KB

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Free Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Mobile Games - Absolute Twin Blade

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Free Cell Phone Mobile Games

Description : "We are under attack!! Alien wormholes have started appearing all over the galaxy and are spewing unidentified alien matter everywhere! We are unsure of the exact nature of the alien matter, it could be a weapon to wage war on us or just their way of disposing of garbage - But one thing is certain, it must be stopped!
Captain, you are our only hope! Use the power of the spinning Absolute Twin Blades to battle the alien threat and their devious boss machines!"

Key Brand Strengths:
-Developed in cooperation with GlobalFun.
-Over 50 levels with 6 unique bosses.
-Many special power-ups.
-Special game rules for each planet provide new challenges by altering the gameplay.

Supported Mobiles : All Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Mobiles.

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