In Fusio Tower Wars [All versions] : Sony Ericsson Mobile Games

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Nokia Mobile Games

Description : Tower Wars is unique in that it makes strategy games, up to now largely limited to diehard fans, accessible to most gamers. There is no need to juggle between 20 different menus or to deploy dozens of units... All you have to do is position your defensive towers on the screen in such a way as to block the waves of enemy attacks.

In this game, you have the heavy responsibility of travelling through the past as a time guardian. Your mission is to stop “Chaos”, the evil lord of time, from overturning the most important events in human history!

Tower Wars features a very comprehensive range of enemies, defensive towers, and historical periods and locations, as well as 3 game modes and a very simple gameplay.

Supported Mobiles : All 176x220 and 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones

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EA Mobile Tetris Pop v1.7.19 [All Version] : Sony Ericsson Mobile Games

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Sony Ericsson Mobile Games

Description : Push your skills to the limit in frantic timed challenges. Race the clock in 3 high-energy modes and several action-packed mini-variations. Survive wave after wave in Flood. Trigger bombs in Detonator. Hang on tight in Ledge. Dazzle your eyes and ears with brilliant colors, animated backgrounds and pulse-pounding beats. Tetris POP is packed with surprises and secrets.

Supported Mobiles : All 176x220 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones.

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Bluetooth BiPlanes : Mobile Games

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Description : Chocks Away! Bluetooth Biplanes brings you award winning, fast-paced, action-packed aerial dog fighting for two players.

Pit your wits against a friend via Bluetooth, or practice against increasingly challenging computer controlled enemies as you battle for air supremacy. Your cannon isn’t the only thing you have in your armoury, as you can loop-the-loop, twist, dive, bail out and parachute your way to victory, but be careful not to stall your craft, or you could be left a sitting duck!

So fasten your seatbelt, make sure your seat is in an upright position, and get ready to go head to head for control of the skies.

Bluetooth Biplanes also features a choice of pilots to choose to play as and enemies to fight against, but only if you're good enough to unlock them through your fighting skills; a list of records showing your accuracy and a practice mode.

Size : 75 KB

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Beach Wars : Mobile Games

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Description : The beach wars have just started - you are a buggy rider and your goal is to avoid all other buggy cars on the Beach. To complete that you can use as many as 7 weapons and battle your opponents in 10 levels and in 5 modes including Capture the flag, deathmatch and more!

Size : 72 KB

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GL Kevin Pietersen Pro Cricket 2007 : Mobile Games

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Description : Join renowned English batsman Kevin Pietersen in the most realistic cricket game on mobile! Jump right onto the turf and use your best batting, bowling and fielding skills to defeat your opponents... Choose from five game modes and check out advanced simulation features including a revolutionary real-time 3D curve bowling system, all new spin control management and an exclusive fully playable field! Choose from three levels of difficulty and aim with up to nine batting strokes. Think on your feet, build your energy to score runs and feel the crowd roar as your team makes the hottest plays.

- Game features the world famous English batsman Kevin Pietersen.
- The most complete gameplay including batting, bowling and an exclusive fully playable field.
- Revolutionary bowling system with 3D curve trajectories for ultimate precision.
- Intuitive batting system with 9 different batting strokes and an advanced spin control management.
- 3 levels of difficulty and customizable gameplay for all types of players.

Supported Mobiles : 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones

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Sony Ericsson K800 (240x320)

Sony Ericsson S700 (240x320)

Sony Ericsson W850 (240x320)

Sony Ericsson W900 (240x320)

Ancient Games (All Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones)

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Description : Just in time for the Beijing Olympic Games, Spain-based Mayhem Studio announced Ancient Olympics mobile game. The sports title features funny, cartoon-like characters and it's up to you to beat all other players in disciplines like 100-meter sprint, 110-meter hurdles, hammer throwing, long jump and javelin affairs.

Each of the characters posses characteristics that give them advantages in different tests and different items always fun-filled. Initially you can only compete against computer bots, but the company plans to release multiplayer version of the game later in the year. In the meantime, with the game's crazy-looking, it seems fun and addictive enough to play for yourself.

In the Olympic year, you will play to beat all records. Contest in several Olympic Games with your character. Would beat to other runners in 110 metres hurdles? Would you be able to throw the hammer farther than others? Enjoy the different sports in an event that can only be lived every four years.

In ANCIENT OLYMPICI GAMES player can their favourite character to compete in different trials choosing “Tournament Mode” in which must try to compete in all categories or “Training Mode” where you can choose to play one of the contests. The game against other players (will appear in its second version and closer to the event) will organize games in which to compete against friends who will be connected via Bluetooth.

In both cases, each of the character possess characteristics that give them advantages in different tests and different items always fun-filled

- Frenetic games full of action!
- Save your own records!
- High-quality graphics and design.
- A game much better to other same-style games in the bigger platforms ready to be played everywhere, every time!

Supported Mobiles : All Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones.

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Guns, Wheels & Madheads 2 ENG : Mobile Games

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Description : They fight on ruins of the past.
Sand of radioactive deserts melts under armored wheels of their battle cars, under rays of heavy lasers and fire of plasma guns, melts of their rage and despair, of hate and fear, and clouds boil above places of their battles, and drops of poison rain evaporate before they reach the ground.

Their fuzzy edges pass by fuel forts and fortified cities; pass before objectives of automatic cameras and barrels of heavy guns protecting peace of survivors in the last war. News talk about them, worldwide information network watches them, mobile cameras track every their step from the sky covered with dust.

They watch their life, their hate, their freedom.
Freedom of butterflies flying to the open fire.
Flashing and burning stars of Meganet, reality-shows broadcasted on whole planet.

Doesn’t matter who they are – raiders, soldiers, mercenaries… why they hadn’t found place in safety of city walls and challenged desert. Doesn’t matter what they feel and what they think when they kill each other.
Those who watch their battles on neon panels will never understand it.

They will not see how ancient highways appear through the sand, how mirages of ancient cities tremble in the sky at noon, how sun rays play on slopes of dunes burnt by atomic fire. They will never know how smells wind didn’t passed through air filters, and what is the sound of waves of not radioactive ocean, falling on feet of semi destroyed sky-scrapers.

They’ll see only things they will be shown – battles and death.
They will read names on electronic planes of totalizator, in announcements of future show.
But they will never know, what’ve been feeling those who were looking on the world through electronic screens of battle cars, those who prefer to burn, not long, but still bright.

Supported Mobiles : 176x220 and 240x320 Mobile Cell Phones.

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Hulkamania Wrestling : 176x220 & 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobile

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Description : Out of retirement, back in the ring, Hulk Hogan fights in all his glory against 7 wild opponents.

* The official mobile game of Hulk Hogan, the greatest wrestler of all time.
* 3D isometric view for total immersion into the ring.
* An amazing number of moves, just like on TV: Suplex, Boulder Throw, The Jewel Breaker, and more!
* Play as Hulk Hogan and 7 other monstrous and crazy superstars, each one with their own look and fighting style.
* Amazing game modes: Ring on fire, fights with weapons, beat the clock and much more.

Supported Mobiles : 176x220 and 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones

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