Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008 ENG J2ME Sony Ericsson

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Base Ball Mobile Game

Description : Drill one deep with Derek Jeter! Super-fast action, revamped stadium & hot tips from Derek himself.

Features (may vary by handset):

* The 4th opus of the best mobile baseball game!
* Super-fast gameplay providing the most exciting diamond action ever!
* Get ready for an entire season of baseball with the full 58-game season and playoff modes!
* Exclusive tips from Derek Jeter helping you become a better player in the game and in real life!
* Brand new revamped stadium with an electric atmosphere!

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G@mevil Big Trouble On Little Earth v1.5.2 Sony Ericsson S710a

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Mobile Games

Description : Earth's fate is now in your hands! Lead our brash young hero to world domination! Train through
a series of colorful and mind-blowing mini-games that unlock amazing power-up items needed for
your mission. Invading earth has never been so fun and with you on the other side, these earthlings
don’t stand a chance! One button action only, but timing is everything!

Size : 368 KB

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G@mevil ROCKin Stone v1.0.0 SE W600i S710a

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Cell Phone Games

Description : It's back! ROCKin’ Stone is the sequel to the smash hit and winner of six mobile game awards including four for mobile game of
the year, Skipping Stone! ROCKin’ Stone brings even more game play depth, a new story mode, new camera views, new characters, more obstacles and more power-ups! Based upon the age-old game of stone skipping, ROCKin’ Stone recaptures the simple
and addictive game play of the original that will keep you right on skipping!

• ROCKin’ Stone recaptures the original's compulsive game play, now with two additional camera views.
• Rich and colorful graphics, sounds, and music enhance a non-stop fun experience in a game that anyone can play!
• Four different game play modes: Distance, Splash, an all new Story mode, and a fourth un-lockable mode!
• Four new selectable stone characters including the original character!
• Eighteen different types of obstacles and power-ups!
• Be the top "Skipper" and upload your high scores to the leaderboard on GAMEVIL LIVE!

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Download Latest : Nike Animated Themes : 240x320 Themes

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This is an Animated Themes

Description : Download the Nike Animated Themes for all 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones.

Supported Mobiles : All 240x320 (K850i, T650i, W880i, W580i, K770i, K810i, K800, K790i, W880i, W910i, W900i, W850i, S500i, S710i)

Size : 686 KB

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Download Latest : GL Midnight Hold'em Poker : 3D Games

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Description : Enter the charged atmosphere of the best betting circles in town and play a genuine game of No Limit Texas Hold'Em, the Cadillac of Poker. If you've got the nerves to face the most extraordinary, unusual Poker players- then Midnight Hold'Em Poker 3D is for you!
You'll experience extreme moments of tension while attempting to conquer your opponents in this mesmerizing setting. You'll need your bluffing sense and concentration if you have any hopes of winning bets against these players, who only have one thought on their minds: wiping out your cash flow.

- Exceptional gameplay that perfectly simulates rounds of Texas Hold'em!
- 3 game modes: Free Play, Heads-up, and Career.
- Face a total of 7 opponents, each with unique personalities.
- In the Career mode, start playing in a basement, go to Las Vegas and end up in a prestigious casino.
- Evaluate your progress at any time with statistics from all of your hands.
- Fully animated tutorial makes Texas Hold'Em extremely accessible, even for novice players.

Supported Mobiles : 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones

Download Link :
Sony Ericsson K800 (240x320)

Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320)

Sony Ericsson C902 (240x320)

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Circulate : 176x220 / 240x320 Sony Ericsson Mobiles

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Description : Fun dynamic puzzle featuring an original game play.

Circulate spheres in this exciting timed puzzle by spinning the entire level left and right according to the instructions that appears in the screen and 'controlled', 'collected' or 'destroyed' it depending on the levels objectives.

Enjoy this crazy and original easy to pick up and play game that offers players many hours of entertainment.

* Great graphics and visual effects
* Simple controls and numerous levels and difficulty modes
* A game for users of all ages and abilities
* Fascinating and addictive game

Supported Mobiles : All 176x220 & 240x320 Pixel Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones.

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