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Description : Once upon a time, Shrek finally found his Happily Ever After back home in the swamp… but not for long! Far Far Away's Fairy Tale Villains have fallen under a Humbug Spell, and they are determined to ruin every single holiday for Shrek and his friends. Play as Shrek, Donkey, Puss In Boots and Gingy to save the seasonal celebrations. Mend broken hearts on Valentine's Day! Scare up tricks and treats on Halloween night! Bring cheer (and gifts!) back to Christmas! Resolve to save New Year's Eve in the big finale!

- Play as 4 different characters: Shrek, Donkey, Puss and Gingy;
- Explore 12 levels of the most famous holidays, including Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day;
- Encounter many familiar characters from the Shrek saga: Fiona, the babies, Pinocchio and more;
- Enter deeper into the world of Shrek with a unique storyline and the film’s distinct ogre humor;
- Enjoy NEW 3D objects, superior graphics and multiple gameplay styles;
- Find hidden passageways and unlock the Bonus Level!

Supported Mobiles : All 240x320 Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Mobiles.

Size : 627 KB

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