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Pinball is the sort of game that makes sense on the mobile platform, but oftentimes mobile games don't run fast enough to make something like a pinball game work. Metal Smash Pinball offers good gameplay speed and solid pinball action, though some of the excitement is offset by a lack of variety.

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In Metal Smash Pinball, you're attempting to bust up robots from within. Luckily, the insides of these robots look a lot like pinball tables. The robot innards are a multistaged table, with each area representing a different body part, such as the legs, torso, head, or arms. Each section has things you can hit the ball into that further that body piece's destruction. When you destroy all of the limbs and the torso, a gateway to the head opens up, where the ball splits apart and forms into a little battle platform, firing lasers up at a floating boss creature. When the boss is destroyed, you move on to the next robot, repeating the process over again, only with a slight difficulty increase. The pinball action makes a great first impression, as the speed is right and the controls are responsive, but the table isn't exciting or varied enough to keep you interested for long. By the time you've blown up your second or third robot, you'll probably be looking to move on.

The game's sound is very minimal, and occasionally it cuts out entirely, forcing you to restart the game to get the sound back. The graphics, however, are pretty sharp. As you do damage to the robot's insides, you'll see cool-looking electrical sparks and stuff filling the table. And you'll get to see the robot you're dismantling via a neat little vector-graphics sequence. But again, the smooth speed is what sells the entire game.

Overall, Metal Smash Pinball is relatively cool, but the fun doesn't last very long. If you're looking for a quick distraction for your mobile phone, this game does exactly that. But if you're after some lasting value, you should probably look elsewhere.

Supported Mobiles : All 176x220 Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones (Z610, Z550, K550, K610, K750, D750, W810, W800, W700, W610, K600, W600, W550)

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