Cell Phone: SHAPE Services VNC +

Description : The application is ideal for system administrators, IT managers, helpdesk and support personnel and many others using VNC server on their Windows, Mac or Unix platforms.

Whether you just need to check inbox or send e-mail, edit the document, install or start a new application - with VNC+ it is also possible.

Just install the application on your mobile device, enter your IP host address and the password used in VNC on your desktop and you are ready to view and experience the mini desktop on your mobile phone. To learn more about VNC read the online Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Key Benefits:
- Multi OS support: Windows, Mac, Unix
- Remote access. Access your files, e-mails, documents, edit and send them on the go.
- Ability to access any computer remotely. With the IP address and a password you can access any computer remotely.
- Program Management: Install and Remove applications on your PC remotely from a mobile device
- One-time fee with all future updates included free of charge.

Key Features:
- SSH secure connection end encryptions plugins for Ultra VNC are supported.
- Different shortcut sets for Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Copy, cut, paste or edit your document. Create and edit your own shortcuts.
- Zoom in and zoom out modes. Change the mode for more convenient view and work.
- Direct Input. Select this option to type.
- Mouse and Keyboard options. Turn one or the other one on depending on the task you are trying to accomplish. Chose "Mouse" for selection and "Keyboard" for typing.
- Scroll Mode. Convenient for scrolling your desktop faster.
- HotKeys. Assign Hotkeys for all of the above features.

Supported Mobiles : Sony Ericsson Z610, Z550, K550, K610, K750, D750, W810, W800, W700, W610, K600, W600, W550, K850i, T650i, W880i, W580i, K770i, K810i, K800, K790i, W880i, W910i, W900i, W850i, S500i and Many More

Size : 167 KB

Download Link :

Rar Pass : mobilezfun.com

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