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Description : JBenchmark 1.0 for MIDP 1.0

JBenchmark 1.0 measures the graphical performance of Java (J2ME) MIDP 1.0 enabled phones and PDAs, by running 5 small tests, each lasting for 10 seconds:

1. Text
2. 2D Shapes
3. 3D Shapes
4. Fill Rate
5. Animation

JBenchmark 2.0 for MIDP 2.0

JBenchmark 2.0 measures the graphical performance of second generation java enabled mobile devices which support the MIDP 2.0 specification. With five new tests:

1. Image manipulation
2. Text reading
3. Game scene (Sprites)
4. 3D transformations with shading
5. User interface

JBenchmark3D for Mobile 3D Graphics (M3G or JSR 184)

JBenchmark3D is our 3rd graphical benchmark and measures the 3D performance of mobile java (J2ME) devices.
It contains 4 subtests:

1. Triangle throughput
2. Texturing performance
3. Low Quality Gaming Scene for low capacity software based 3D engines
4. High Quality Gaming Scene for hardware 3D accelerated, top peformance devices

JBenchmark3D: Quality and Performance benchmark for hardware accelerated Mobile 3D

JBenchmark HD is our second 3D benchmark specifically designed for the latest hardware accelerated mobile 3D devices.

It measures 3D rendering quality, not just performance.

JBenchmark HD also has the unique function to upload device rendered screenshots, which makes visual inspection of rendering quality differences very easy

It contains 4 performance tests:

1. Smooth shaded triangle throughput
2. Textured triangle throughput
3. Multi-textured fill rate
4. High level gaming test

and 4 quality tests:

1. Bilinear filter
2. Trilinear filter
3. Perspective correction
4. Z-buffer depth

Supported Mobiles : Sony Ericsson K750i W800i D750i K700i W550i W600i K600 and Many More

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